My love for photography started when I was very young hanging around and helping my uncle develop his pictures in his dark room. The majority of my Uncle's work were modelling shoots. My photographic interest, even at this age, was for the unusual, abstract and nature as you will see from my current work. My Uncle is still snapping away along the Suffolk coast but not taking pictures of models any more just the seals and the scenery.

My first good camera was a 35mm Olympus OM1n with a number of lenses. Using this camera gave me immense pleasure taking numerous pictures all over the Mediterranean, teaching me the basics of photography. Unfortunately, like most people a full time job got in the way of continuing my appetite for photography.

Now time is on my side I have started up my own business taking photographs, focusing on wall art subjects and commercial photographs covering a number of subjects including abstract and the unusual as you will see from my work.

I have produced a small number of one-off limited edition prints of some of my more unusual photographs for sale. These can be found in the Framed Photographs Gallery.

If you require any more information, or you are looking for something unusual then please contact me.

All of my images are available for licensing and in a number of instances you will see a base price included on the image for licensing. All of these prices are negotiable so please contact me at:-

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